Divorce: New York

Divorce: New York

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Ex-Husband’s Obligation to Maintain Life Insurance for Ex-Wife “as Trustee” Specifically Enforced

Posted in Insurance
The June 19, 2012 decision of Suffolk County Supreme Court Justice Peter H. Mayer in Mehran v. Mehran (PDF) resolved a motion made in a post-divorce judgment action by an ex-wife to enforce several provisions of the parties’ 2003 post-nuptial settlement agreement. That agreement was incorporated, but not merged into their 2004 judgment of divorce. … Continue Reading

Did Judge Overrule the Appellate Division to Hold Ex-Husband May Not Be Required to Provide Health Insurance Beyond Period He Is Required to Pay Support to Ex-Wife?

Posted in Insurance, Maintenance
The rule of law discussed by Monroe County Supreme Court Justice Richard A. Dollinger in Lomaglio v. Lomaglio is undoubtedly correct. An ex-husband may not be required to provide health insurance beyond the period he is required to pay his ex-wife maintenance. The question is was he allowed to correctly apply the law? With allusions to Gilbert and Sullivan’s … Continue Reading