Divorce: New York

Divorce: New York

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Court of Appeals Restates Civil Contempt Rules

Posted in Enforcement of Support and Orders
In its October 20, 2015 decision in El-Dehdan v. El-Dehdan, New York’s highest court restates the elements of civil contempt, the burdens of proof needed to support a finding, and the effect of the assertion of a Fifth Amendment privilege against incrimination. Doing so, the Court of Appeals affirmed a 2013 decision of the Appellate… Continue Reading

“Clear and Beyond Doubt” is Burden of Proof for Correction of Mutual Mistake in Divorce Settlement Agreement

Posted in Agreements and Stipulations, Equitable Distribution
The Second Department has imposed what may be an impossible burden of proof needed to correct a mathematical miscalculation (the alleged mutual mistake) in a divorce settlement agreement. That is the effect of the March 19, 2014 decision  in Hackett v. Hackett.  After 22 years of marriage, the husband commenced an action for a divorce… Continue Reading

Separate Property Rules Turned Upside Down

Posted in Equitable Distribution
It should have been a dead giveaway.  Court of Appeals Judge Victoria Graffeo warned us that in Fields v Fields (PDF), New York’s highest court was about to apply public policy principles to “unique facts.”  The result: a decision likely to keep Equitable Distribution litigators busy for years to come. 8 years into the Fields’ 35-year… Continue Reading