Divorce: New York

Divorce: New York

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Temporary Maintenance All But Denied to Wife Able to Work and Who Had Lived With Another Man

Posted in Temporary (Pendente Lite) Relief
Is a wife entitled to formula temporary maintenance in a divorce action, merely because she is the less-monied spouse? No, says New York County Supreme Court Justice Matthew F. Cooper in his October 22, 2014 decision in Joseph M. v. Lauren J. In this matrimonial action, the wife sought temporary custody of the parties’ child, as well as… Continue Reading

Awarding Child Support to the “Non-Custodial” Parent

Posted in Child Support (C.S.S.A.)
“There is a gap in New York’s child support statutes. They do not contemplate a custodial parent paying support to a non-custodial parent. The Family Court Act does declare that both parents are chargeable with the support of their children. Moreover, the Family Court Act does not make a distinction between the “custodial” and “non–custodial”… Continue Reading