Divorce: New York

Divorce: New York

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“I’m Moving In With Daddy”: The Child Support Perspective (Part II)

Posted in Agreements and Stipulations, Child Support (C.S.S.A.)
In contrast to its decision in Zaratzian, the subject of yesterday’s blog post, the Second Department, in Eagar v. Suchan, held the same day that a father was entitled to receive child support from a mother after their two children moved in with him. In Eagar, the parties’ 1999 Settlement Agreement which was incorporated, but not… Continue Reading

Disqualification of Counsel: Is It A Shield Or A Sword?

Posted in Attorney and Client
In a 3-1 decision on February 4, 2015 in Cohen v. Cohen, the Second Department disqualified a prominent Long Island matrimonial firm from representing the wife in this 2011 divorce action. It was disputed whether in November 2010 the husband had consulted Steven J. Eisman, senior partner in Abrams, Fensterman, Fensterman, Eisman, Formato, Ferrara &… Continue Reading

Custody Issues Considered in Five Second Department Cases Decided May 1st

Posted in Custody and Visitation
In five cases decided May 1, 2013, the Second Department continued to voice its concern when parents just don’t get along. Again, the court considered joint custody, hampering the child’s relationship with the other parent, private interviews of children by the judge, contempt for violations of visitation orders, and whether a non-parent may be granted… Continue Reading