Divorce: New York

Divorce: New York

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Invalidity of Licenseless Mexican Marriage Calls For Dismissal of New York Divorce Action

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New York’s Domestic Relations Law §25, enacted in 1907, provides that a marriage is valid, even in the absence of a marriage license, if it was properly solemnized. However, New York County Supreme Court Justice Matthew F. Cooper, in his May 29, 2014 decision in Ponorovskaya v. Stecklow held that D.R.L. §25 could not be used… Continue Reading

Summary Proceedings Are Not Available to Evict Wife (Sister-in-Law of Owner)

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A wife’s right to reside in what has been her marital residence for four years, and whose right to do so stemmed not merely from the home-owner’s  permission, but from a true family relationship, cannot be summarily evicted as a mere licensee.  Such was the holding of Nassau County District Court Judge Eric Bjorneby in… Continue Reading

Attorney Suspended for Failure To Pay Child Support

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Update: In a decision issued December 6, 2012, the Appellate Division, Third Department, disbarred Mr. Melendez for his failure to disclose to the Committee on Professional Standards his child support arrears and other related misconduct: Respondent is guilty of very serious professional misconduct. He exhibited a lack of candor on his application for admission. As… Continue Reading