Divorce: New York

Divorce: New York

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Journalist Privilege Precludes Divorce Action Discovery From Author

Posted in Discovery
A party in a divorce action who seeks to compel a journalist to turn over information or documents must meet an extraordinary burden. So held New York County Supreme Court Justice Donna M. Mills in an August 21, 2014 decision Matter of Hamm (Zuckerman). Petitioner, Sue Ann Hamm, and her husband, Harold Hamm, are parties… Continue Reading

Attorney Representing Sister in Child Support Matter Arrested Following Alleged Altercation with Former Brother-In-Law

Posted in Attorney and Client, Enforcement of Support and Orders
Patrick Bisogno, an attorney representing his sister in a Staten Island Family Court child support matter, was arrested after allegedly assaulting his former brother-in-law. In reports by the New York Law Journal and the Staten Island Advance (SILive.com), Bisogno was accused of punching the father, John Libertella, of Valley Stream, in the nose. Bisogno, of… Continue Reading

Separate Property Rules Turned Upside Down

Posted in Equitable Distribution
It should have been a dead giveaway.  Court of Appeals Judge Victoria Graffeo warned us that in Fields v Fields (PDF), New York’s highest court was about to apply public policy principles to “unique facts.”  The result: a decision likely to keep Equitable Distribution litigators busy for years to come. 8 years into the Fields’ 35-year… Continue Reading