Divorce: New York

Divorce: New York

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Divorce Counsel Fee Awards: Beware Formulaic Approaches

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In his January 7, 2013 decision in Gluck v. Gluck, Nassau County Supreme Court Justice Daniel R. Palmieri, determined that the wife pay 80% of the counsel fees incurred by the husband, as such reflected the wife’s pro rata share of the parties’ total income. Following a 13-day trial, the parties agreed that the Court … Continue Reading

Confronting Sacred Beliefs in Divorce Settlement Negotiations

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In A Taboo Exchange, an article in the July/August 2010 issue of Scientific American Mind magazine, Adam Waytz reported that a few recent studies have examined how people react when their most passionately held values are challenged.  He defined a “sacred value” as more than just a strongly-held belief, but rather a moral stance on … Continue Reading